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StuckInTheHouse is for people who are... well stuck in the house.

It is NOT a directory listing.
It is NOT a listing for pubs bars and night clubs.
It is NOT a place to find hobbies or clubs.

It IS a place to find something to do for the weekend, either for a family, a couple, or some friends.

With this in mind we find it necessary to moderate all companies and attractions. If any company or attraction is submitted on the site which we feel does not fit the theme we will unfortunately remove it. We apoligise for any inconveniences, but we feel we need to be strict on this.

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To stop abuse we have decided that any account created on StuckInTheHouse must reflect the information on the official attracion website.

This means that all Companies/Organisations that wish to be registered on StuckInTheHouse must use a email address that appears on the official attraction website, along with other measures this is how we intend to limit imposters.

To this extent all attractions also need an official website with official contact info.

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If you have any problems registering an account at all, please don't hesitate to email us, contact@stuckinthehouse.co.uk