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What is Stuck In The House:

Do you find yourself constantly Stuck In The House?

Well, we did, and quite frankly we got bored of it! And so, forged in the fires of boredom and claustrophobia, with weekends and holidays passing by with little to do and a whole world of undiscovered wonders to explore, Stuck In The House was born.

Step 1:
Enter your postcode and the distance you'd be willing to travel.

Step 2:
Hit Go!

Step 3:
Point at the map on the screen and you've got yourself a top day out!

Museums, parks, boat rides, zoos or even brewery tours for dad, there really is a whole world out there to get out and enjoy, so go on, what's stopping you? The best part is: We are completely FREE to use! No memberships, no fees. Now you really have no excuse for being
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